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A not-to-be-missed educational workshop for business owners who are looking for a deeper dive in transitioning their business.

In the four distinct sessions this half-day workshop we’ll take a more detailed look into operational and financial engineering that can take years to execute – guaranteed to increase the value of your business and improve the probability of finding buyers when the time is right.  We’ll show you which areas of your business buyer’s value most (and why), and explain how to manage personal and corporate risk.

The sessions will focus on case studies to provide real life situations to assist you with your transition discussions.

8:00am - 8:05am
Opening Comments by BDC
8:05AM - 8:55AM
Part 1 – Negotiation & Deal Dynamics

Negotiating the sale of your business can vary significantly, not only between bidders but also with any particular potential buyer. The process selected and terms dictated by the seller in a transaction will impact the “price” paid. It is fundamental to understand how the selling process will impact what you receive for your company. The panel will discuss and elaborate on best practices, industry myths and misconceptions, and alternatives for consideration in designing a process to structure your transaction for a fair price.

Workshop Leaders:
Chace Hynes, Director, Corporate Finance Atlantic Region, MNP
Craig Maloney, Partner, Corporate Finance, MNP
8:55AM - 9:45AM
Part 2 – Strategies to Maximize Price

It’s often possible to sell your business for 50% more if you do everything right. Unlike selling a share on the stock exchange or a home in the residential real estate market, the process of selling your business is deemed “inefficient” by economists. In an efficient market like the ones listed above, the price of your asset is not significantly affected by the actual selling process. Contrarily, in the M&A market, the selling process itself can have a major impact on the price of your company. Plan and execute the process correctly and you could increase the price of your company by upwards of 50%. The speaker will elaborate on industry myths, and misconceptions to provide you with the knowledge and tools to sell your company for a higher price.

Workshop Leaders:
Alan Chettiar, Partner, Investment Banking, FirePower Capital
Ilan Jacobson, Founding Partner & CEO, FirePower Capital
9:45am - 10:05am
Networking Break
10:05AM - 10:55AM
Part 3 – Managing Unintended Consequences
  • How to protect yourself from unexpected business risk prior to a transaction
  • How to prepare your company (and you personally) for a successful sale.
  • Learn what risks should be addressed, including subtleties of legal agreements, non-compete clauses, wills that misalign with shareholder’s agreements, powers of attorney and more
  • There are several ways to structure the sale your company (including how and when you get paid). What are your options?
  • Learn how to manage confidentiality and protect yourself against rogue competitors, suppliers, employees or customers.
  • Tactics to avoid major post-sale surprises
  • Shrewd buyer tactics that you need to know about
Workshop Leaders:
Sarah Campbell, Partner, McInnes Cooper
Chris MacIntyre, Partner, McInnes Cooper
11:00AM - 11:50AM
Part 4 – How to Choose the Right Advisors & Understanding Costs

The successful sale of a business involves many moving parts, making it the largest and possibly most complicated transaction of your life. You can’t do this alone – practical advice will help you select the best professionals to sell your company while ensuring that you get you the best price and terms. In this session, you’ll learn tactics to select the best advisors and importantly, you’ll learn what your team will cost and how they will get paid. You’ll leave this workshop with an understanding of what the ideal exit team looks like and why every good transaction needs a great “bad guy.”

Workshop Leaders:
Kevin Fraser, Partner, Grant Thornton LLP
Jillian Murray, Partner, Grant Thornton LLP
11:50am - 12:00pm
Closing Comments
Program, Schedule, and Speakers Subject to Change Without Notice