Nancy Mathis

Nancy Mathis

Executive Director, Wallace McCain Institute

Nancy Mathis is a designer and convener.  Her passion  centers on creating spaces where entrepreneurial leaders build their business judgement. She works with senior executives to support their most important decisions.

Since founding the Wallace McCain Institute in 2007, Nancy has launched 35 peer groups involving 531 individuals. She works with WMI members in their first year to establish a framework, shared mission, trust and norms. This exposes her to ~40 speakers/year, providing new ideas to incorporate into her thinking.

She combines all of this background into her consulting work at Pivotal Input. Engagements include strategic planning, team alignment, culture re-sets, and executive mentoring.  70% of Nancy’s clients have been multi-generational family businesses.

Prior to joining the Institute, Nancy spent 12 years as CEO commercializing her Ph.D. research in Chemical Engineering. The customer base spanned 17 counties and included GE, HP, IBM & Intel.  Nancy has been recognized nationally with awards in innovation, entrepreneurship and engineering.  The most notable was the Manning Award ($100,000) for the top innovation in Canada in 2003.