Kleo Landucci

Kleo Landucci

CEO & President, CrescentView Investments Ltd. & Former Managing Director, Ashcroft Terminal

Kleo Landucci is the CEO & President of CrescentView Investments Ltd. (CVI), a family
investment company. In 2004, Ms. Landucci joined her family business CVI with a focus to
build out Ashcroft Terminal Ltd. (Ashcroft), an inland rail transloading and storage terminal
located in Ashcroft, British Columbia. In 2018, CVI sold a majority stake in Ashcroft to PSA
International, a leading global port group with flagship operations in Singapore and
Antwerp and a network of over 50 coastal, rail and inland terminals in 19 countries. In July
of 2021, Canadian Tire Corporation made an equity investment in Ashcroft, becoming the
third partner in the business.

Prior to joining CVI, Kleo worked for Canada’s largest independent financial services
company. A serial entrepreneur, Kleo started her first business at the age of eight and
since then has owned and operated numerous ventures. Kleo is passionate about
entrepreneurship, business growth, leadership, supply chain management, infrastructure,
and trade and transportation policy. She speaks regularly on these topics at conferences
and events throughout North America.

In 2022, for the second consecutive year, Kleo was recognized amongst the top 500 most
influential business leaders in British Columbia by Business in Vancouver Magazine. In 2021,
Ms. Landucci was awarded the Supply Chain Executive of the Year by the Freight
Management Association of Canada. Previously, Ms. Landucci was a member of the Board
of Directors of the Western Transportation Advisory Council (WESTAC) acting as past
Executive Committee member and past Chair of the Finance Committee. She also previously
served as Vice-Chair of the Board of Directors of the Freight Management Association of
Canada. Since 2018, Ms. Landucci has served as a member of the Board of Directors of
Ashcroft Terminal Ltd.

Kleo lives in Vancouver, BC with her husband Jason and two children, Bea and George.