Janet Davie

Janet Davie

President & CEO, JLD Management Group and Chair, TEC Canada

Janet Davie brings a unique mixture of academic and practical knowledge to her role as a senior financial executive and coach. She is a passionate leader successful people trust. Her extensive experience in the C-Suite has provided her with a deep breadth and depth of problem-solving ability; when combined with her uncanny ability to quickly diagnose the culture of an organization, it’s no wonder many who have worked with her describe her as an executive and coach who “just gets it.”

Janet’s business education began with answering phones at her first job and, although she is a Certified Management Accountant, she enjoys working with people at least as much as she likes working with numbers. Janet has held leadership positions, including Controller, in a variety of industries, from construction and trucking to manufacturing as well as the food processing industry. Although her roles have always drawn on her strategic financial expertise, she has also been called upon to establish systems, undertake change management and build leadership teams.

Most recently Janet began her own executive coaching practice after becoming a certified Executive Coach. Now she is building on that strong foundation by leading her own TEC group, where her focus is on helping business leaders realize their vision through strategic thinking and engaging leadership. She is part of the wider TEC community whose members represent nearly $50 billion in annual revenues and over 100,000 employees: a demonstration of TEC’s ability to advance Canadian business and lift our nation’s prosperity.

Janet’s diverse background and forward-focused, dynamic approach is a perfect fit for action-oriented entrepreneurs open to new ways of thinking and are looking to be challenged while having fun, participating fully and honestly, and celebrating accomplishments. As a Chair who will adapt to the needs of her group, Janet’s rich experience base and skillsets will drive issue processing forward with realistic advice and perspectives. She can also be counted on to generate a positive atmosphere through her ever-present sense of humour.