Seasoned advisors know that the price you’ll receive for your company is determined by many, many factors. Regardless, as a business owner you still want to know what your company is theoretically worth. If you’re like a lot of business owners, you might use your P&L to figure out what your company is worth, by applying a multiple to your profit or EBITDA. The question remains, why are some companies worth many multiples more than the average value in their industry, while others are worth less than half of their peers? Why would one company be worth two or three times more than a similar company in the same industry? The speaker will identify eight factors that impact your company’s value more than the industry you’re in. During this informative and engaging talk, you’ll learn tactics to maximize your company’s value, find strategic buyers, boost your cash flow, differentiate your business and ultimately minimize your company’s reliance on your personal involvement to create a business that can thrive without you.