Richard Harris

Richard Harris

Managing Director, Tricor Pacific Founders Capital Inc.

As a Managing Director at Tricor Pacific Founders Capital Inc., Richard acts as Executive Chairman of each portfolio company, focuses on portfolio company strategy as well as people and operations, monitors individual portfolio company performance, leads origination of add-on acquisitions, participates in origination of new platform opportunities, participates in investment decision-making, and invests in all transactions.

Tricor Pacific Founders Capital Inc. is a family firm that combines 25 years’ private equity experience in over 75 companies with deep operating knowledge. The firm invests its partners’ own capital and focuses on applying operating know-how in medium-sized food and other consumer packaged goods businesses, with a view to building thriving organizations over the long term.

Richard is the former CEO of Golden Boy Foods, a leading North American private label food manufacturer and a former portfolio company of Tricor Pacific Capital Inc. (Fund IV). Golden Boy Foods was sold to Post Cereals on 1 February 2014 for C$323 million.

 Prior to his role at Golden Boy Foods and starting Tricor Pacific Founders Capital Inc., Richard was Managing Director of Coca-Cola Drikker AS, a Coca-Cola bottler with revenues of more than US$450 million, Division Marketing & Public Affairs Director for The Coca-Cola Company in its US$2 billion revenue Central Europe and Russia division, Commercial Director at NTL / Virgin Media UK, etc.. Richard obtained his B.A. and M.A. from the University of Oxford, and his M.B.A. from Imperial College’s Management School at the University of London, UK.