Ashley Hoffer

Ashley Hoffer

Director of Operations, Electrogas

Ashley Hoffer is Owner and Director of Operations at Electrogas Monitors Ltd, a gas detection and safety product company servicing Western Canada. In 2021, along with a colleague, Ashley acquired the business as an equal owner.  

With humble beginnings, she started her career at Electrogas as a receptionist; full of potential she was quickly promoted to other positions with the culmination of her career being her most recent acquisition. During this time Ashley dedicated herself to expanding her knowledge and expertise including her education in Business Administration with a major in Accounting and Management.  

As a small to mid-size company facing unique challenges in a volatile industry, once promoted to Direction of Operations in 2015, Ashley focused on controlling expenses and cost of goods while finding creative ways to make the organization more profitable. To expand on verticals and to further insulate the company from becoming too heavily invested into one industry she expanded the product portfolio to offer a larger range of options for their current clientele along with expanding verticals and markets.

Stemming from her education in Business and Management, Ashley operates Electrogas with a strong focus on open communication and teamwork. She prides herself on having an open-door policy for all employees and engages feedback to help grow and strengthen the business as a team.