Full-Day Conference

Half-Day Workshop

Discover Actionable Growth & Transition Strategies from Top Entrepreneurs

Since 2015, the Business Transitions Forum has been helping entrepreneurs learn about ownership transitions and opportunities for M&A (mergers and acquisitions).

Now, The Business Transitions Forum is evolving to reveal comprehensive strategies to grow businesses of all kinds, while still educating entrepreneurs on the role M&A can play to increase shareholder value on both the sell side and buy side. 

You’re invited to join serial entrepreneurs and Canada’s leading mergers and acquisitions practitioners to learn how to:

  • Increase market share and shareholder value 
  • Identify ways to grow and/or scale your business
  • Learn about being acquired or acquiring businesses
  • Learn how M&A can offer your business a path to growth
  • Learn how M&A can create opportunity for personal wealth creation through an eventual transition

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Providing A One-Stop Shop For Executive Services

Karen Jordan, based in San Diego, California, launched a unique business last year to fill a growing need in the marketplace. She founded Hibernia Executive Partners to provide access to on demand C Suite executives. “We provide fractional C Suite services. So I’m the one-stop shop for any executive level support that the company might need,” said Jordan, who is the company’s CEO.[read more]


The Importance Of Bringing The Family To The Table In A Business Transition

In today’s world, the number of business transitions taking place, and about to take place, is staggering across North America. If you are a business owner thinking of moving on, Rachael Fisher-Doak has one simple piece of advice: Don’t forget the family.[read more]


Been There, Done That: The Banker Who Was Also Founder & Seller

Entrepreneurs who work with investment bankers for their business transition can benefit from what that key piece of growth, or the actual exit, can bring to the table. Even better: working with someone who has actually been in their shoes. “I started and sold businesses before I got into banking, so I have that perspective in my approach with clients,” said Steve Laver, managing director at Santa Monica, Calif-based investment banking firm Montminy & Co.[read more]

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