What is the Business Transitions Forum?

The BUSINESS TRANSITIONS FORUM (BTF) is a multi-city conference for business owners that wish to learn how to plan for the eventual sale of a mid-market privately owned business. BTF demystifies the process of selling a business so that you can build a roadmap that will put more money in your pocket when the time is right to sell. It’s no secret that many businesses fail to transition successfully; BTF is your opportunity to efficiently gather information and hear from a variety of people who have experienced the transition process first-hand.

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Answer These Questions & More

Where Do I Start?

Understand the selling process and build your own roadmap.

How Can I Increase The Value Of My Business?

Learn strategies to increase and even double the value.

How Can I Preserve Wealth After The Sale?

Learn how to structure your company to minimize taxes.

Who Can Help Me and How Much Will it Cost?

Learn who should be on an exit team and understand their fees.

What Are Risks of Family Succession?

Learn approaches to sensitive family business issues

What Is My Company Worth?

Understand what buyers are paying for companies like yours.

How Do I Find Buyers, Confidentially?

Learn how to find the right prospects and market your business under the radar.

What Are Buyers Looking For?

Learn what makes a company attractive and what buyers are most appropriate for your company.

What Do Failed Transitions Have In Common?

Hear from business owners that have gone before you as they reflect on their transactions.

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