About BTF eLearning Series

This complimentary webinar series is designed for business owners that want to learn concepts for increasing the probability of a successful and lucrative sale of their business one day.  Business Owners will get an introduction to various transition options including tactical how-to's from experts with experience helping Canadian lower-middle market and mid-market companies (ie suggested $2m-$50m in annual revenue)  prepare for transitions.

At the conclusion of each session, you will have the opportunity to speak with the instructor and ask personalized questions while also having the opportunity to have discussions with other entrepreneurs participating in the class. 

Who Attends?

  • Exclusively for Owners, Partners and C-suite executives of lower-middle market and mid-market businesses. 
  • Exclusive group structure of 20-30 attendees
  • No Service Providers please!

60 minutes of classroom-style instruction

30 minutes of open Q&A and discussion groups with other entrepreneurs

Small Groups

"In a time of uncertainty and flux for the conference world, BTF has grabbed the challenge and are demonstrating great prowess and leadership in their field. Well done all."

-Peter C.

"Very informative sessions and valuable in helping through the exit planning process"

-Jim D.

"The calibre of speakers and the knowledge presented was excellent. Especially enjoyed the break-out room, having the ability to speak one-on-one with the presenters."

-Kelly K.

eLearning Series Program

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Transition Mapping, presented by MNP | March 17, 2021 SOLD OUT

Transition mapping – A birds-eye-view of steps and strategies for a successful exit - SOLD OUT

March 17, 2021. 8:30am - 10am PT

Presented by

Selling or otherwise exiting a business is, by far, the most complex transaction that most entrepreneurs will ever undertake.  Detailed planning is instrumental and ideally begins long before any decision to sell. 

This session will provide attendees with a birds-eye-view of various exit options, scenarios and preparation tips.  Planning milestones and a self-assessment will help attendees determine their best path.

Areas that will be covered include:

  • Self-assessment of primary reasons for transition: When is the right time to transition or otherwise exit?
  • What acquirer opportunities are best for your type and size of company (Strategic acquirer versus financial buyer versus management buyout etc.)
  • What different exit types are available? Outright Acquisition versus MBO etc?
  • Different sales processes (Exclusive versus targeted versus auction etc.)
  • Costs to consider
  • IOI’s versus LOIs and how to use them properly
  • Essential must-have documents and materials

Workshop Facilitators:

John Hughes
Business Advisor

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Eddy R. A. Burello
Business Advisor, Tax Services

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Show Me the Money, presented by True North M&A | March 24, 2021 SOLD OUT

Show me the money - Understanding how to increase value of your company (for real + on paper) - SOLD OUT

March 24, 2021. 8:30am - 10am PT

Presented by

There are dozens of “value drivers,” depending on who you ask – but what about value disruptors? How can you maximize one at the expense of the other? The answer? This session of course.

As a business owner, it’s imperative to focus on specific areas of your business that drive value, even if you have no immediate intention of selling. We’ll take you through the levers that can be pushed or pulled to optimize the paper value of your company. We’ll also explain how the PROCESS you settle on could dictate the proceeds of a sale more so than your P&L, EBITDA, etc. We’ll also explore the characteristics that different acquirers' look for in the most acquirable businesses.

Areas to cover:

  • How to increase the value of your assets
  • How to adjust your P&L to maximize profitability in the eyes of an acquirer
  • Extensive discussions around value drivers (and detractors!)
  • How to determine your “number”
  • The impact of the exit process on proceeds

Workshop Facilitators:

Don Montgomery

President, M&A Advisor
True North Mergers & Acquisitions

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Wade Batiuk

VP Business Development, M&A Advisor
True North Mergers & Acquisitions

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Tax Strategies to Structure Your Company for Transition, presented by RSM | April 7, 2021

Tax Strategies to structure your company for transition (so there’s money left at the end)

April 7, 2021. 8:30am - 10am PT

Presented by

When you sell or transition your business you may face a significant tax bill. If you’re not careful, you could find yourself with less than half of the purchase price in your pocket. Fortunately, with the right preparation and enough time to implement, there are several opportunities to limit or even eliminate tax. This is the ideal workshop for owners, CEO’s and CFO’s to attend. 

Areas to cover:

  • How to structure your company well in advance of a potential sale or recapitalization 
  • Tactics to avoid major post-sale surprises 
  • Options for how to manage what are no longer business expenses, post-transition       
  • How to reduce tax liability and holdbacks 

Workshop Facilitators:

Marino Jeyarajah
Partner, M&A Tax

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Michael Joseph 
Senior Manager, M&A Tax

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Stephen Rupnarain
Partner, M&A Tax

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Who Could Buy Your Company? Understanding Your Liquidity Options, presented by MNP | April 14, 2021

Understanding your liquidity options 

April 14, 2021. 8:30am - 10am PT

Presented by

The word EXIT can be scary for some entrepreneurs, but when we hear liquidity, our ears perk up! This session is all about understanding options to generate liquidity, pure and simple. This session will explore some of the most common exit alternatives and show how to evaluate your options in the context of your overall objectives (financial, legacy, success, timing and others). Also discussed in this session will be common acquirer types – for those that plan on moving towards a true exit – what types of companies are most likely to acquire your business?

Having accessible cash at the right place at the right time and building a healthy liquidity lifeline has never been a more pressing concern after the COVID disruptions!

Areas to cover:

  • Full sale: What differentiates different acquirer types? Strategic acquirers, versus financial acquirers and so on... 
  • Majority or minority recapitalization 
  • Management buyout 
  • Dividend recap 
  • ESOP (ESOP Group) 
  • Growth investment option 
  • Discussion of process & timing

Workshop Facilitators:

Stephen Shaw
Managing Partner

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Eddy R. A. Burello
Business Advisor, Tax Services

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Executing an Effective Management Buyout or Buy-In, presented by BDC | April 21, 2021

Executing an effective MBO (Management Buyout) or MBI (Management Buy-In)

April 21, 2021. 8:30am - 10am PT 

Presented by

A management buyout can be an excellent succession strategy, and an opportunity to empower your senior managers team to become owners. How do you equip your management team to become a credible bidder for the business?  Will you effectively replace yourself with the right skillsets? Is the team prepared to become owners? What about external management teams?

Areas to cover:

  • When should you begin your MBO/MBI planning? 
  • Pros and cons and pitfalls around MBOs 
  • How to prepare your senior management team for transition and the shift in leadership and responsibility 
  • Strategies for partner buyouts 
  • Different types of financing options 
  • Implementing your post-closing transition plan 

Workshop Facilitators:

Brett Weese
Director, Growth & Transition Capital, Alberta and Saskatchewan

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Constantine Hatzipanayis
Partner, Growth Equity, Vancouver

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How to Find and Approach External Buyers, presented by FirePower Capital | April 28, 2021

How to find and approach external buyers (aka “Run a process”)  

April 28, 2021. 8:30am - 10am PT

Presented by

So you’re the kind of person that “swings for the fences” and wants a home-run for an exit? The data shows that a well-run auction with multiple bidders will result in significantly improved outcomes for most sellers. This is called “running a process” and we’ll show you how it works.

Hint: Running a process is NOT for the faint of heart. If you decide to sell to third-parties and solicit multiple offers, you’ll need to prepare and plan strategically. Managing outreach, multiple bidders, confidentiality, negotiating and ultimately closing the deal* while still running your business is a big ask.

In this session, we’ll discuss the key steps to running a process, including revealing the answers to these questions:

  • How to decide on the breadth and nature of a sale process 
  • Why timing and deal tension matters, and how to create it 
  • Which terms have an impact on price, and which do not 
  • The role advisors can play through the sale process, and when and how to manage them (and how they get paid)       
  • Who the most likely buyers are, where to find them, what they’ll pay and how to build prospect lists 
  • How do I separate real acquirers from tire kickers? 
  • When do I reveal my numbers? 
  • How do I hang on to my negotiating leverage after signing an LOI? 

Workshop Facilitators:

Alan Chettiar
Partner, M&A Advisory
FirePower Capital

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Ilan Jacobson
Founding Partner & CEO
FirePower Capital

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All in the Family, presented by Dynamic Legacy | May 5, 2021

All in the family  – Strategies for professionalizing your family business as a step towards transition. 

May 5, 2021. 8:30am - 10am PT

Presented by

Are you the primary owner or controlling shareholder in a family business? Whether your business is multi-generational or that is merely a long-term aspiration - when is the right time to take definitive action around your transition plan? 

At some point in the life of a family business you may decide to professionalize the firm.  What exactly does professionalizing accomplish? What is the goal?  How can it help with transition? 

Professionalization could entail the involvement of a non-family manager or advisor chosen to lead the business or advance internal communicationsChanging to non-family management is only one possible element of professionalizing your family business however.   If your family business is considering professionalizing, it is vital for family and business leaders to agree about what this process entails.  What does a family business need to do to become professionalized as part of a transition plan?  

Areas to cover:

  • When to decide if you need outside help 
  • How to attract, develop and retain great family and non-family talent 
  • How to ensure that the organization can always make timely big decisions 
  • How to strengthen family discipline and commitment toward the business 
  • How to respect the management hierarchy and empower employees to make decisions 
  • How to create systems to ensure consistently high performance and fairness 
  • How to guard your core family values and legacy 

Workshop Facilitator:

Susan Fulford
Managing Director, Dynamic Legacy Inc.

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The Diligence Trap | May 19, 2021 - AVAILABLE TO SPONSOR

The diligence trap: Avoid these common mistakes that sellers make 

May 19, 2021. 8:30am - 10am PT

After a long negotiation, you and a prospective buyer agree to a price and terms for the sale of your business. You’ve spent many months in a cat-and-mouse game.  You shake proverbial hands and assume the deal is done... 

Then, not surprisingly, your buyer wants to verify the claims you’ve made during negotiation.  Due diligence can start off in a benign fashion, and quickly get out of control.   

Days turn into weeks. Weeks turn into months.  Diligence often takes 90 days or more (!) and while most acquirers use this process honestly enoughothers use diligence to grind you down They’ll go to great lengths to justify a lowered price or other changes to the deal. 

How can you maintain control of the process without impeding success?  Many deals collapse at the due diligence stage and maintaining deal momentum is crucial - in this session we’ll dive into the areas that present the most risk to sellers. 

Areas to cover:

  • Avoiding financial due diligence snags 
  • What acquirers are seeking to uncover during operational due diligence 
  • Common deal killers that will put an end to your transaction 

Preparing for the Unexpected in the Sale of a Business, presented by Stikeman Elliott | May 26, 2021

Preparing for the unexpected in the sale of a business

May 26, 2021. 8:30am - 10am PT

Presented by

When preparing for the sale of your business, it’s inevitable that some unexpected events will arise. What are the common unforeseen issues that arise? How can you mitigate and manage risk? Gain practical tools and advice needed to manage these unexpected events in this two-part workshop.

Part 1 will focus on giving you the tools to mitigate and manage the risks connected to an exit, considering the key areas of risk and providing practical advice. Areas to cover:

  • Tax Planning for an Exit
  • Identify Your Employee Risks
  • Dealing with Minority Shareholders and Potential Disputes
  • Building a network of advisors
  • Getting your family ready and determining the role and outcomes for your family in an Exit

Part II will tackle some of the difficult issues that owners face in a sale process and provide some practical advice on how to manage these difficult issues in advance of a sale. Areas to cover:

  • Owner Dependency - Getting the business ready for a world without you
  • Key Employee Risk - Taking steps to ensure that key employees don’t take you hostage in a sales process
  • Aggressive historical tax positions - How they affect a sale of the business and what to do about it
  • Normalizing Expenses - Buyers won’t pay you for the revenue/profit underlying these personal expenses - taking steps to address them in advance of a sale
  • Family breakdowns and what they mean for a sale - how to avoid them
  • Key Supplier and Customer Risks - Taking steps to preserve these relationships in advance of a sale
  • Owned Real Estate - Strategies to get the most out of your owned real estate that houses the business
  • Getting Minority Shareholders Ready for an Exit - Proactive suggestions for managing shareholders

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