Victoria Brown

Victoria Brown

Business Family Facilitator and Founder, 10X Business Builder

Within every family business is a unique, secret weapon that when leveraged properly, ensures success, longevity and an invincible competitive advantage.

Victoria Brown is fiercely committed to guiding family businesses to grow their Familiness Factor and move past constraints so they can prosper, maintain family harmony and thrive over generations.

If you are looking for a proven professional who can help you realize your vision, enhance communication and leadership capabilities, while implementing effective systems for succession, you’ve come to the right place.

What sets her apart is her experience, training and perspective. She grew up with an entrepreneurial father, has had decades of experience in marketing and business development and presently is the matriarch of a family business and founder of her own business.

Over the past 7 years, Victoria has helped leaders and family businesses transition with concerns about how to grow the business, maintain family harmony, preserve their wealth and enjoy life while making crucial decisions.

She is passionate about helping others understand and align with their natural gifts, developing leaders and assisting founders discover their legacy and significance in one of their most important phases of their life.

She has developed the 10X Business Family Builder program that helps prepare the business and its future leaders for growth while creating continuity with conversations, systems and processes. 

She supports legacy and harmony by setting up support mechanisms to build trust, clarify roles, reach goals, honor responsibilities and tap into the wisdom of each unique family.

Her 30-year professional experience includes consulting to family firms, executives and businesses helping generate millions in revenue, developing leaders and problem solving. She also has extensive corporate, sales and retail experience.   She is a strategic thinker, a skillful facilitator and a conscious communication catalyst that enhances connection and helps business families get beyond procrastination to a shared vision that is inclusive.