John Stout

John Stout

Co-Founder, President and Head of Sales, SNAP Financial Group

John has extensive experience as a senior executive particularly seasoned in design, development, management and implementation of automated credit-underwriting systems for various assets including; home improvement (HVAC), power sports, commercial leases and near prime automotive. In his career, John has managed credit teams and systems underwriting and processing over $3B in small ticket assets.

John was formerly the founder and president of Creditwave Corporation, which provided completely outsourced loan, leasing and captive financing programs for major blue chip companies, including charted banks, trusts, global manufacturers and energy companies. John was responsible for the automated credit underwriting of over $300,000,000 annually in various small ticket assets, including power sports and recreational vehicles. Creditwave continues as a recognized leader in its space.

Prior to this role, John was co-¬≠founder and president of Bayshore Leasing Corporation, a Canadian national equipment leasing company, and subsidiary of Bayshore Trust. In 1995, Bayshore was the first Canadian finance company to move their entire origination and underwriting processing of leases and loans to the Internet, complete with automated credit adjudication models. At the time of Bayshore’s sale, the company was underwriting in excess of $150M per year in small ticket leases and loans.

Since co-founding the SNAP Financial Group in 2006, John has overseen the development of key front end systems and processes, including the design and management of our automated credit models which have enabled the companies to execute on their origination strategies and provide custom solutions to a broad array of equipment manufacturers and dealers.