Unlike selling a share on the stock exchange or a home in the residential real estate market, the values available in the negotiation of the sale of your business will vary significantly, not only between bidders but also with any particular potential buyer. The process selected and terms dictated by the seller in a transaction will impact the “price” paid. Economists described this as an “inefficient” market, and it is fundamental to understand that the selling process will have a major impact on what you receive for your company.

The panel will discuss and elaborate on best practices, industry myths and misconceptions, and alternatives for consideration in designing a process to structure your transaction for a fair price.  Through an interactive discussion you’ll learn:

  • Why companies should be sold, not bought
  • How to decide on the breadth and nature of a sale process
  • Why timing and deal tension matters, and how to create it
  • Which terms have an impact on price, and which do not
  • The roles an advisor can play through the sale process, and when and how to manage them