Miriam Merkur

Miriam Merkur

Director, NeoGraft Solutions Inc

I started the Neograft company in 2008. I searched for a product to sell in the anti aging sector.  I found a company called Medicamat in France that had a revolutionary patented hair transplant machine and I became the North American distributor for Medicamat,  who manufactured the hair transplant device. The device was the only one on the market to do hair transplants using a new method that did not require invasive surgery. The device was bought mainly by plastic surgeons and dermatologists.

I built a distribution network to sell the machine through out North America, which was my territory. In order to facilitate sales Neograft trained technicians to assist the doctor to do the transplant.  The doctors involvement in the transplant procedure was considerably less than if he had to do the whole procedure. This freed up the doctor so that he could do other procedures while earning on the transplant procedure. The Neograft company also earned revenue from the technicians, as we charged for our services, as we became a technician placement agency. Through marketing we were able to build a good referral system base, and if the doctors used our techs we gave them referrals. The doctor had a turnkey operation, and so buying our device was attractive to them.

I soon became 75% of the sales of the Medicamat company. After a few years we added other products to our sales such as light machines for hair growth stimulation. Furthermore I also started another company with a partner several years after starting the Neograft company, which manufactured hair products and other pharma over the counter products. The name of this company was InciMedica.  InciMedica sold its hair products to the doctors that bought the Neograft hair transplant machine. This was an added source of revenue for us, as well as the consumables doctors were constantly ordering from us.

In 2016 I bought Medicamat for the purpose of being able to sell the NeoGraft company. I needed to own the device, before I could sell my company.  In 2018 I sold the Neograft company to Venus Concept, a company that sells many aesthetic medical devices.