Andrew Mark

Andrew Mark

Executive Director, Rhyno Equity Group

Mr. Mark is responsible for executing Rhyno’s investment strategies by seeking new opportunities and managing the acquisition process in order to achieve Rhyno’s long term growth strategies. Mr. Mark is also responsible for Rhyno’s head office activities including hiring and the management of Rhyno’s business analysts.

Mr. Mark has more than 13 years of project management contract development and administration, technical design, project estimation, and portfolio budgeting experience in the construction and real estate management industries.

Mr. Mark spent his first 9 years working for leading firms in the Canadian structural consulting industry including Banerjee & Assoc., Quinn Dressel Associates, and Read Jones Christoffersen. Mr. Mark held various positions during his time in the consulting industry ranging from Design Engineer, Project Engineer and Project Manager. His consulting experience spans
hundreds of large projects nationally including complete design, additions, renovations, and rehabilitations of buildings as old as 200 years with budgets in excess of $100 million. Mr. Mark has developed an expertise in a wide range of design types including reinforced concrete, steel, wood, masonry, and fibre-composite. Mr. Mark is also well versed in technical analysisand drafting under a variety of programs.

In 2011, Mr. Mark was recruited by the City of Toronto as a Project Manager responsible for structural engineering within the Facilities Management Department. Mr. Mark was responsible for the structural up-keep of a diversified portfolio of approximately 500 buildings with an estimated value of $4 billion, through an overall annual capital construction budget of
approximately $50 million. Mr. Mark’s specific responsibilities included capital expenditure budget planning, project implementation, technical troubleshooting, expert witness and technical building audits for the department’s Asset Preservation Unit and Capital Construction Implementation Unit. Through Rhyno head office, Mr. Mark refined the deal flow processes and created Rhyno’s proprietary deal flow pipeline of small and medium sized manufacturing companies valued at approximately 200M. He also played a supporting role in the acqiusition of Irpinia Kitchens, which closed in April 2017. Mr.Mark now leads Rhyno’s acquisitions process.

Mr. Mark holds a Bachelor of Engineering Science degree from the University of Western Ontario. Following the completion of his undergraduate degree, Mr. Mark obtained his Professional Practice designation in 2008.