Your business is a very valuable asset. You have invested heavily in time and financial resources in order to build it from the ground up. You have a business plan, you might have at least the beginnings of a succession plan and a transition plan. But do you have a “Plan B?” Any aspirations you may have to sell your business one day could be wasted if an unexpected event triggers a premature and unexpected transition of ownership. The unfortunate truth is that many businesses transitions occur as a result of the 4 D’s: Death, Disease, Divorce or Dispute – what should you be doing now to ensure that your livelihood is protected? Are you protecting your hard earned dollars from the tax man. This session will draw your attention to major risk areas – from wills that misalign with shareholder’s agreements to powers of attorney and tax issues. What can you do now to avoid being in business with your partner’s spouse? Broader estate planning issues will also be addressed, such as use of insurance as a risk management and funding vehicle, as well as the use of trusts.