It’s often possible to sell your business for 50% more if you do everything right. Unlike selling a share on the stock exchange or a home in the residential real estate market, the market for selling your business is described as “inefficient” by economists. In an efficient market, the price of your asset is not significantly affected by the actual selling process. In contrast, in the M&A market, the selling process will have a major impact on the price and terms you receive for your company. Plan and execute the process well and you could increase the price of your company by as much as 50%. The speaker will elaborate on industry myths and misconceptions to provide you with the knowledge and tools to sell your company for a fair price.

You’ll learn why:

  • 75% of saleable companies are not sold successfully
  • “Riding it over the top” is the most heartbreaking mistake owners make
  • Companies should be sold – not bought
  • It’s critically important to have multiple bidders
  • Excellent advisors will consistently sell companies for more