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Fairmont Royal York Hotel

“How to Maximize The Selling Price of Your Business and Protect Yourself In The Process”

A not-to-be-missed educational workshop for business owners who are serious about maximizing the proceeds of an eventual sale. 

In this two-part, half-day workshop we’ll take a deep dive into operational and financial engineering that can take years to execute – guaranteed to increase the value of your business and improve the probability of finding buyers when the time is right.  We’ll show you which areas of your business buyers value most (and why), and explain how to manage personal and corporate risk.

(Only 50 seats available. Business owners only. Workshop is an additional charge.)


Continental Breakfast
Part I – Value and Process
  • Value assessment: What is your company worth? Common methods of assessing value will be addressed.
  • Operational and financial bootcamp.  What areas of your business should you focus on to increase value + surprising areas of your business that can destroy value.
  • What buyers are looking for and why some businesses are considerably more attractive than other businesses.
  • The competitive sale process: Learn how a competitive sale process works, and why it is the best way to maximize price and terms of an eventual sale.
Workshop Leaders:
Alan Chettiar, Partner, Investment Banking, FirePower Capital
Ilan Jacobson, Founding Partner & CEO, FirePower Capital
Refreshment Break – Network with other business owners
Part II – Managing Unintended Consequences
  • How to protect yourself from unexpected business risk prior to a transaction
  • How to prepare your company (and you personally) for a successful sale.
  • Learn what risks should be addressed, including subtleties of legal agreements, non-compete clauses, wills that misalign with shareholder’s agreements, powers of attorney and more
  • There are several ways to structure the sale your company (including how and when you get paid). What are your options?
  • Learn how to manage confidentiality and protect yourself against rogue competitors, suppliers, employees or customers.
  • Tactics to avoid major post-sale surprises
  • Shrewd buyer tactics that you need to know about
Workshop Leaders:
Alex Eisenberg, Partner, Gardiner Roberts LLP
Arlene O’Neill, Partner, Gardiner Roberts LLP
Program, Schedule, and Speakers Subject to Change Without Notice