Bill Darling

Bill Darling

Former President, Big Guns Energy Services

Bill Darling, a native Calgarian, has worked in the oil patch for 41 years. 

He has started, grown and sold three successful service companies in this industry.

As acting president he managed up to 120 employees, in three cities in Alberta and Saskatchewan.

Bill was acting president during the life of these companies, always maintaining an acting role in the everyday operations.

From sales, to public relations, he integrated himself into all parts of his companies.

Bill also knew the importance of creating a strong and healthy work atmosphere.

Building good communication, and relationships and sharing knowledge were of prime importance. 

Through the years and his experiences, Bill learned a great deal about growing, buying and selling small companies.

He is keenly aware of the struggles and the “hell” of working with banks and lawyers, as well as the euphoria of working hard, and building and selling a successful business.