BTF NOW is a virtual version of the acclaimed Business Transitions Forum – which has been facilitating successful exits, transitions and other M&A activity for entrepreneurs since 2015.

In our new remote format - the conference promises adapted tactical strategies for optimizing the value of your business, understanding M&A opportunities and preparing for expected or unexpected liquidity challenges.

This extraordinary virtual version of the conference is being thoughtfully produced to provide practical insights from entrepreneurs and business experts that have travelled down the transition path before you.


What a fantastic virtual conference! Everyone was quite welcoming and engaging. The speakers and the sessions were varied and interesting.

It was so much easier to engage and focus during this virtual conference than any other in person conference I have attended. 

This was probably the best conference I've attended in the past few years. It offered both big picture ideas and practical tactics.

Even though it's all virtual, it was completely engaging - the speakers and content really made me think and reflect on things.

The organizers really get it!

Let's make the most of our new virtual world instead of lamenting the loss of the physical.

Things can still be fun and innovative and this virtual event has made that clear!

Why Attend
Why Attend
Why Attend