Eric Warnke

Eric Warnke

Co-Founder and CEO, Mover

Eric started his career as one of the first employees at the Edmonton-based social networking startup, (which Facebook later squashed!). At Nexopia he gathered great experience with social networking, online advertisement, business administration, and advertising sales development.

Using his talents to attract and build a team, combined with some design, sales, and programming experience, Eric started and built Mover into the best way in the world to migrate content into cloud storage. Now Mover is part of Microsoft and Eric spends his days not only improving migrations for Office 365, but adding value anywhere he can.

Talking to other entrepreneurs and figuring out business models is a joy for Eric. Getting down and dirty with product is also something he is very passionate about. While his family always comes first, he is eager to learn more about business and startups and hopes he can create and help companies for the rest of his career.

Eric harbours a lifelong love of computers, video games, and all things technology.