If you have been a beneficiary, trustee or creator of a family trust – or have been thinking about putting a family trust in place – you likely have found your experiences and discussions about family trusts to create more confusion than clarity. Family trusts often hold a significant amount of a family’s wealth – especially if the trust owns (or owned) shares of a family business. Yet the beneficiaries may be (or may be perceived to be) ill prepared to receive vast amounts of wealth. This situation, as explored through real life examples, can have unintended outcomes. In this session, the speaker will provide an introduction to family trusts in the context of family businesses and share examples where things can go sideways. Against this background, thought leadership in trust governance will be explored to illustrate how trusts can prepare the rising generation to further your family’s financial, social and personal goals in the context of a family business.


This session runs at the same time as Session A2.